Anathema by Megg Jensen-A Review

In book one of the Cloud Prophet trilogy (and book one in the larger Song of Eloh Saga), we are introduced to Reychel. She is a slave in the house of Kandek, her master. She is also forbidden to see the sky, except for when she has private meetings with her Master. No one knows why she, alone, is forbidden to see the sky.

It is this mystery that drives much of the first act of the book. Until the reveal, which is more of a “oh, cool” moment more than a “WTF?!” moment, it is enough to keep the reader (or, in my case, the listener) from putting the story aside.

And once the story starts rolling, it doesn’t stop.

It’s easy to see where the author received her inspiration. Anathema has many Star Warsian elements, but it’s not a ripoff of the story. 


Instead, Ms. Jensen seems to take select ideas from Episodes 1, 4, and 5, and crafting them into an original narrative. And best of all, there’s no JarJar.

Now, a bit of padding to make this review longer. I’ve owned this book since it was released way back in 2011. I purchased it after meeting the author at a book signing. Now, after six long years, I have finally read the book, and am off to discover how the tale ends.

(after I finish the next fucking James Clavell book, of course).


About Jonathan Brett Kennedy

Husband, father to furry children, reader, writer, and lover of history.
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