Holy Fuckballs!

If you’ve been following the news or watch SNL, you’ll no doubt be aware that President 45 has surrounded himself with Nazis, Sexists, Homophobes, and Fools. 

President Bannon (different than his puppet President 45) has his agenda (I’ll discuss that in another post, but look at this: 

TIMELINE (for those too lazy, the link is where I obtained my info, and it is a direct copy of what follows, and I have verified most of the info through sources linked below)  
December 29 – President Obama announced sanctions against Russia and ousted Russian diplomats. 

December 29 – Flynn made at least 5 calls to Russian ambassador 

December 30 – Putin announced he will not retaliate invites American children to Kremlin 

December 30 – Trump praised Putin in tweet for his reaction and sucked up to Putin 

January 13: Flynn’s calls to Russia were reported 

***January 14: Pence said oh Flynn just called to tell Russia Merry Christmas (it wasn’t Christmas in Russia) ***

January 15: Pence went on Fox News and said it was Christmas not sanctions that Flynn talked to Russia about (Five times? he called them to say Merry Christmas five times?) 

January 2? – Yates and US Intelligence warned Trump administration that Flynn is lying 

January 30 – Trump fired Yates 

February 13 – Washington Post broke news that Trump has known for weeks that Flynn was lying. Kellyanne confirms that she had been working on this for weeks. That the story (that Flynn called to say Merry Christmas five times) was no longer “sustainable.” 

February 13 – Flynn resigns.


President 45 KNEW that Flynn was lying, Conway knew he was lying, and it’s reasonable to assume others knew as well. 

 This is no longer a Right and Left matter. It’s not a difference of Policy. This is a matter what is best for our country. 

President 45 must go! 


About Jonathan Brett Kennedy

Husband, father to furry children, reader, writer, and lover of history.
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