An Update and a tease for my #SecretProject

Since my last post a lot has happened in my life. My wife quit her job so she could go to school full time. She has since graduated from Cosmetology school, but in the meantime, we had to cut back on expenses (Internet and Netflix were first to go). I’ve been so focused on work, I let my best of intentions of maintaining a blog fall to the wayside.

So what’s new? I’ve abandoned my plans to finish James Clavell’s Asian saga as I found myself actively hating each book more. I have not yet gone on to the second book in Megg Jensen’s Cloud Prophet trilogy (sorry Megg!), but I did finish both The Shining and Pet Sematary (no reviews, except both are well worth a read). 

I have also been maintaining an Author page on Facebook (, where I have been teasing a Secret Project. 

To keep this from being a completely useless update, I will reveal to all two of you reading this blog that my Secret Project is a co-venture with my wife, and it is an alternate history set against the backdrop of the Post-bellum era. It will be a five year project the two of us will undertake, and will result in two separate books, as each of us had a different idea while watching a documentary about the American Civil War, which sparked an all night conversation where we discussed mainly the story she will outline, and we will both write. For my idea, we’re doing the opposite. As of now, the two books may, or may not, contradict each other. We’ll have to decide what is best for each narrative. 

Once things get settled down again, I will be back to giving semi-regular updates, reviews, and nonsense. Until then, I offer you this time-traveller I spotted in Fishers, IN.


About Jonathan Brett Kennedy

Husband, father to furry children, reader, writer, and lover of history.
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