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Husband, father to furry children, reader, writer, and lover of history.

The Listener by Robert McCammon: A Review

There aren’t many authors I will buy, and read, sight unseen. Robert McCammon is one of the very few, so when it’s announced he’s publishing a new book, of course I’m interested. But being broke, I can only afford so … Continue reading

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Book Update

Yeah, I know I said I would be back next week with a review of The Listener by Robert McCammon, but this website isn’t named “The Ramblings of a Mad Man” for no reason, so… Last year, I wrote about … Continue reading

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After more than a year, I am finally back online (yay!). And, as promised, I will be giving weekly updates to this blog, and to my author page ( Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report today, but I shall … Continue reading

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Batman Villain Rankings.

I’m going to say something extremely controversial. The Joker sucks. He’s a weak villain whose only allure is that he’s crazy. You know who else is crazy? The Riddler. His compulsion to prove he’s smarter than everyone is the only … Continue reading

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The Allure of the Cuban Cigar

That’s me, smoking my very first Cuban Cigar. A dream fulfilled? Yes, and no.  Ask almost anyone on the street for the best cigars, and they’ll tell you to get Cubans. Ask cigar smokers, and they’ll tell you the best … Continue reading

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New Year, New Me BS Post

As all two of you have likely noticed, I do not keep up this page nearly as often as I should. The same can be said of my author’s page on Facebook. My excuse is I dislike writing on my … Continue reading

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Another update

So far, for research, I’ve read the first volume of Shelby Foote’s Civil War: A Narrative (a fascinating ground-level view of the war) and Grant Goes South by Bruce Catton (a biography which focuses exclusively on his service during the … Continue reading

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