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Husband, father to furry children, reader, writer, and lover of history.

An Update and a tease for my #SecretProject

Since my last post a lot has happened in my life. My wife quit her job so she could go to school full time. She has since graduated from Cosmetology school, but in the meantime, we had to cut back … Continue reading

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Holy Fuckballs!

If you’ve been following the news or watch SNL, you’ll no doubt be aware that President 45 has surrounded himself with Nazis, Sexists, Homophobes, and Fools.  President Bannon (different than his puppet President 45) has his agenda (I’ll discuss that … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote-A Review

​ I’m a delivery driver by profession. As such, I’m in my car quite a bit, and I use my time in the car to listen to audio books. It’s no problem to finish most stories in a week’s time, … Continue reading

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Anathema by Megg Jensen-A Review

​ In book one of the Cloud Prophet trilogy (and book one in the larger Song of Eloh Saga), we are introduced to Reychel. She is a slave in the house of Kandek, her master. She is also forbidden to … Continue reading

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Shogun by James Clavell-A Review

A few weeks back, I wrote about challenging myself to read all of James Clavell’s Asian Saga. And every word of that remains true.  Shogun is vast in scale, beautiful in its description, and absolutely frustrating in its conclusion. I’ve already said … Continue reading

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Since my last post, a lot has happened in the world. You don’t need me to tell you. I can read the expression on your face. It’s the one that clearly says  No, I get it. I’ve said the same … Continue reading

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